Eylül Deniz Artist Studio Opens in

Piyalepaşa Çarşı Strip Mall

Piyalepaşa Çarşı Strip Mall

Piyalepaşa Istanbul, the new hub for contemporary art in Istanbul, is now hosting the Eylül Deniz Artist Studio.

This studio, dedicated to the unique works of poet, painter, and sculptor Eylül Deniz Çolak, is part of the largest urban transformation project undertaken by the private sector in Turkey, under the assurance of Polat.

Piyalepaşa Istanbul, a project that has come to life with the guarantee of Polat and stands as Turkey's largest urban transformation project carried out by the private sector, is adding a new art space to its repertoire. Eylül Deniz Artist Studio, showcasing the original works of artist Eylül Deniz Çolak, is set to open on December 12th at Piyalepaşa Istanbul.

Eylül Deniz Çolak, who has pushed the boundaries of language with her poetry books, meets art enthusiasts in Piyalepaşa Çarşı Strip Mall with paintings and sculptures that go beyond the limits of the canvas. The studio, providing both a workspace and living area with its upper-floor office, welcomes visitors in the gallery space. As the first art studio located in a shopping center, it allows art enthusiasts to not only view completed works but also follow the production stages of the pieces.

About Eylül Deniz Çolak:

Born in Antalya, Eylül Deniz Çolak, a poet, painter, and sculptor, presents a visual feast by transferring the harmony between words and meanings to her works on canvas using a mixed technique. The artist embeds poetry into her paintings, transforming the image into a kind of insight and enchantment with sensitivity and emotions.


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Published Date: 17 January 2024