Summer Festival

Summer Festival

Get ready to embrace the vibrant spirit of summer at Polat Piyalepaşa Çarşı Strip Mall, the dynamic fusion of art and gastronomy in Istanbul. Mark your calendars for the "Summer Festival" taking place on June 17th and 18th, promising a delightful extravaganza.

Polat Piyalepaşa Çarşı Strip Mall, a haven for esteemed brands, is transforming into a hub of energy during the captivating "Summer Festival." Expect a kaleidoscope of lively activities including street flavors, electrifying DJ performances, soulful concerts, and captivating street spectacles.

Highlighting the festival's lineup, the emerging pop music talent, Gülnur Gökçe, will take center stage on June 17th, offering a musical treat for enthusiasts.

Unveiling its vibrant atmosphere on June 17th-18th, Polat Piyalepaşa Çarşı Strip Mall, the retail gem of Piyalepaşa Istanbul – one of Turkiye's most expansive mixed-use projects – is ready to host this spirited "Summer Festival."

Boasting a collection of 7 modern art galleries, prestigious shops, Turkey's largest magic museum, and a range of eateries, Polat Piyalepaşa Çarşı Strip Mall has a lineup of captivating festivals throughout the summer. It's an ideal destination for those seeking an outdoor shopping experience filled with enjoyment.

Attendees can anticipate an enticing blend of culinary delights and entertainment. Amidst cherished street delicacies like meatball, kokorec, mussel, fish, and kumpir, the festival will feature mesmerizing circus performances, enchanting bubble shows, energetic DJ sets, and a delightful mini-concert by Gülnur Gökçe – a prominent figure in the world of pop music. This promises an enriching feast for both the palate and the soul.

Published Date: 14 June 2023