The Heart of Art Beats in Piyalepaşa Istanbul

7 Private Galleries, 7 Special Exhibitions

7 Private Galleries, 7 Special Exhibitions

Piyalepaşa Istanbul, brought to life with the assurance of Polat, presented modern works of art to art lovers with the new exhibitions of ART ON, .artSümer, MARTCH, MERKUR, PI ARTWORKS, PROCTOCINEMA and ZILBERMAN, the leading platforms of art. The exhibitions, which opened their doors on September 14 with the visit of collectors and artists such as Polat Holding Chairman of the Board Adnan Polat, Serdar Bilgili, Sarp-Eda Evliyagil, will continue to host their guests throughout the Autumn.

Bringing a new art route to the city with the assurance of Polat, Piyalepaşa Istanbul invites art lovers to explore the new exhibitions of 7 private galleries in the Art Square located in the Polat Piyalepaşa Çarşı. The exhibition, which opened its doors on September 14 with the participation of valuable names of the art world such as Polat Holding Chairman of the Board Adnan Polat, Serdar Bilgili, Sarp-Eda and Serra Evliyagil, Maria-Yahşi Baraz, Haluk-Vildan Yücelsin, Ari Meşulam, Aslı Sümer, Sabiha Kurtulmuş, Moiz Zilberman, Oktay Duran, Zeynep Çilek Çimen, Mustafa Horosan and Kerimcan Güleryüz, will continue throughout the Autumn.

.artSumer's “Emanet Zemin (Trusted Ground)”, Martch's “Bir Politikacıdan Duymak İstemediğim Herşey (Everything I Don't Want to Hear from a Politician)”, Merkur's “Ne Gam Bâki, Ne Dem Bâki (Neither Sadness, Nor Alcohol is Forever)”, Pi Artworks' “Bir Hatıradan Fazlası (More Than a Memento)”, Proctocinema's “Yerinde Koşmak (Running in Place)” and Zilberman's “Sarmaşık (Ivy)” exhibitions in Piyalepaşa are ready for the art audience to explore.

Sarmaşık is at Zilberman curated by Başak Şenova

Zilberman, in its mixed exhibition titled “Sarmaşık (Ivy)”; is curated by Başak Şenova and it includes works of artists such as Heba Y. Amin, Omar Barquet, Burçak Bingöl, Yane Calovski, Ramesh Daha, Memed Erdener, Didem Erk, Fatoş İrwen, Zeynep Kayan, Azade Köker, Bronwyn Lace, Marcus Neustetter, Cristiana de Marchi, Larry Muñoz, There are works by names such as Maarit Mustonen, Egle Oddo, Erkan Özgen, Bochra Taboubi, Cengiz Tekin, Simon Wachsmuth and Verena Miedl-Faißt/Nirual Kenabru.

Protocinema is in Piyalepaşa Istanbul with its exhibition titled "Yerinde Koşmak (Running in Place)"

Works by Beatriz Santiago Munoz, David Horvitz and Onur Karaoğlu meet with art lovers. The exhibition brings together works that examine the circulation of ideas, water and bodies and the contradictions in the nature of circulation. In Running on Place, the artists reconcile three distinct positions – suspension through Santiago Muñoz, mobility orchestrated by Horvitz, and the free flow of nature and imagination with Karaoğlu.

Mustafa Horasan’s “Ne Gam Bâki, Ne Dem Bâki (Neither Sadness, Nor Alcohol is Forever)” Exhibition is at Merkur!

Mustafa Horasan's solo exhibition "Ne Gam Bâki, Ne Dem Bâki", for which Beral Madra wrote the exhibition text, can be visited at MERKUR between September 14 and October 15, 2022.

In Horasan's paintings, alternating bodies from 2010 to the present move away from the frightening atmosphere of twilight, settle into the void, become independent, liberate, and simplified. The surrealist narrative focuses directly on the images of bodies that integrate with nature, and the viewer is invited to interpret the truth presented by Horasan through the signs of these alternate bodies.

In the series of paintings visited at MERKUR, Horasan places his figures integrating the human and animal figures in the exhibition titled Serseri Örümcek (The Vagrant Spider) in Ankara Siyah Beyaz Gallery in 2018, this time in the world experiencing the global virus disaster that has been experienced for two years. Horasan presents a new change in its production in this series.

"Emanet Zemin (Trusted Ground)" the work of Gözde İlkin and curated by Duygu Demir, will be together with art lovers from September 14 to November 12 at Art Sümer. Pi Artworks' "Hatıradan Fazlası (More Than a Memento)" exhibition can be seen until October 29 and Martch's exhibition "Bir Politikacıdan Duymak İstemediğim Herşey (Everything I Don't Want to Hear from a Politician)" can be seen until November 5 at Piyalepaşa Istanbul, Polat Piyalepaşa Çarşı, Art Square.

About Piyalepaşa İstanbul: One of the leading players in the real estate sector, Piyalepaşa Istanbul, which he brought to life with more than 65 years of experience, continues to be the new route of art and gastronomy. Polat Piyalepaşa Çarşı offers art lovers a comfortable and enjoyable art experience with the advantage of its mixed concept, central location, parking lot and spacious spaces. Located a few minutes from the city's attractions such as Beyoğlu Istiklal Street, Karaköy, Kabataş, Nişantaşı and Beşiktaş, Polat Piyalepaşa Bazaar is close to the D-100 highway and ring road connections, Dolmabahçe and Kağıthane tunnels, Çağlayan Courthouse and hospitals.

Polat Piyalepaşa Çarşı, which offers an open-air shopping experience with its high-ceilinged and wide-window stores, awaits art lovers in its climate where it creates a rich gastronomic culture, with playgrounds specially designed for children, leading galleries of art.

Published Date: 02 April 2023