Trade Activities

Every day, we advance our knowledge of international trade and use it to strengthen our nation's economy



Polat Holding operates in the fields of foreign trade and consultancy services, engaging in import/export, investment, and foreign trade activities, and providing consultancy services based on years of experience.


Worldwide Services

Polat Dış Ticaret, aims to enhance Turkey's exports and related imports, and operates with the mission of being one of the preferred foreign trade companies in our neighboring region, thanks to its product and service quality in this field.

ALX Polat Foreign Trade, on the other hand, was established with the aim of contributing to, diversifying, and enhancing Hungary's external economic relations by taking advantage of new opportunities and synergies, as well as developing commercial relations between Turkey and Hungary.

ALX Polat, authorized by the Hungarian government to attract investors and exporters to Hungary, serves as the representative of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA) in Turkey and Greece.

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