Inauguration of Derviş Gül Baba Park and

Gül Baba Monument in Piyalepaşa Istanbul

Gül Baba Monument in Piyalepaşa Istanbul

Adnan Polat, Chairman of the Board of Polat Holding and Chairman of the Foundation for the Protection of the Gul Baba Tomb Heritage, opened the Derviş Gul Baba Street, Gul Baba Park and Gul Baba Monument in Piyalepasa Istanbul, the new meeting point of the city. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu and Beyoğlu Mayor Haydar Ali Yıldız, Deputy Governor of Istanbul Abdurrahman İnan, Beyoğlu District Governor Mustafa Demirelli attended the ceremony, Hungarian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Levente Magyar also attended the ceremony from Hungary via live connection. Considered the spiritual founder of Galatasaray, Gül Baba was commemorated with nearly 1,500 guests, including ultraAslan, Galatasaray's fan group.

Piyalepaşa İstanbul, under the guarantee of Polat, prioritizes an artistic perspective in all phases of architectural work such as landscaping, aesthetics, and arrangement, taking into account its unique climate. The project now also pays homage to Gül Baba, a revered figure known as the spiritual founder of Galatasaray, and hosts a memorial in his honor.

In Piyalepaşa Istanbul, the great Gül Baba Monument, designed by sculptor Emre Başoğlu and designed in bronze, is located in Gül Baba Park, which also bears the name of the great dervish. The project also keeps the name of Gül Baba alive on Derviş Gül Baba Street, where the monument and the park are located.

The opening of Gül Baba Monument, Gül Baba Park and Derviş Gül Baba Street was hosted by Adnan Polat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Polat Holding and Chairman of the Gül Baba Heritage Conservation Foundation. Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, Beyoğlu Mayor Haydar Ali Yıldız, Beyoğlu District Governor Abdurrahman İnan and Beyoğlu District Governor Mustafa Demirelli, Galatasaray President Burak Elmas, Galatasaray Presidential Candidates Dursun Özbek and Eşref Hamamcıoğlu also attended Polat's invitation. In addition, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Levente Magyar, accompanied the ceremony with a live link from Hungary. 1,500 guests attended the event, which was also attended by ultraAslan, the fan group of Galatasaray Sports Club.

Adnan Polat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Polat Holding and Chairman of the Gül Baba Heritage Preservation Foundation, made his opening speech: “It was 40 years ago that my path crossed with Gül Baba, who is considered the spiritual founder of Galatasaray, in my personal journey. I saw that the tomb of Gül Baba, which I came across on my trip to Hungary years ago, is very worn in Hungary. We started cleaning and arranging works in our own way, then we restored the tomb with the funds we received and brought it back to the society. Gül Baba Tomb, visited by approximately 100,000 guests from all religions, is in this sense a symbol of Turkish-Hungarian relations, love and respect. It is extremely honorable to keep this symbol alive in Piyalepaşa Istanbul, Turkey's largest urban transformation project by the private sector.”

Ekrem İmamoğlu, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, said: “We are here for a very good occasion. I am happy to share the meaning and importance of today. Anatolia has a very deep spirituality. Our journey, which started with our saints spreading all over Anatolia, spreads to the Balkans, Central Asia and Europe. Gül Baba's journey has been connecting us to Hungary ever since. Gül Baba, who brought us Galatasaray High School and Galatasaray Sports Club with all its processes, is one of the important milestones of this geography. Gül Baba is our heritage revolution, with a philosophy that embraces universality in line with 21st century modernism.”

Beyoğlu District Mayor Haydar Ali Yıldız, said: “The purpose of man's birth is to make the world beautiful. We have a great responsibility to try to beautify the city and protect the environment. Like Gül Baba, all dervishes of Anatolia continue to spread a rich and deep tolerance. We would like to thank Adnan Polat for these elegant touches within the scope of time, space and people.”

Levente Magyar, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Hungary, said: “The friendship between the two countries is permanent, the Turks are always with us and they are the best friends of the Hungarian people. The connections are at their strongest and in the best way today, given the whole historical process. We think that history will never bring us face to face again. This monument, which is extremely important for Türkiye, is also precious to us. Gül Baba, the symbol of our relationship, lays a good foundation for us."

Published Date: 02 April 2023