Levent's New Symbol!

Levent's New Symbol!

Polat Real Estate, one of the leading companies in the real estate sector, is launching a special project in the prestigious district of Levent in Istanbul: Polat Levent Exclusive.

Polat Real Estate, a leading institution in the real estate sector, is making a striking project in the heart of Istanbul. The Polat Levent Exclusive residence office project, which will bring a new and stylish breath to city life, was introduced at a press conference on November 23 with the participation of Adnan Polat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Polat Holding, Kaan Yücel, Executive Board Member of Polat Real Estate, and the famous architect Gökhan Avcıoğlu.

A Luxury Built to Appeal to the Senses, Constructed with Inspiration

With Polat Levent Exclusive residence office, elegance, luxury, comfort, and peace come together under the assurance of Polat Real Estate in Levent, one of Istanbul's prestigious and prestigious neighborhoods from past to present. Polat Levent Exclusive, which takes design inspiration from water, nature, and balance, will redefine luxury with housing and home office concepts suitable for the new dynamics of metropolitan life, combining simplicity that appeals to the senses with elegance.

Adnan Polat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Polat Holding, who made the opening speech at the press conference, said, "Polat Levent Exclusive is a unique architectural project with its residence concept that adds a modern interpretation to Levent's old detached houses, with its duplex home offices with floor-to-ceiling glass, each with its own pool and terraces. Our project, in which we invested $40 million, winks at traditional Levent neighborhood life while offering luxury detached house comfort to its residents."

Kaan Yücel, Executive Board Member of Polat Real Estate, spoke about the project, saying, "Polat Levent Exclusive is a masterpiece that will add great value to Levent. Our project is a mixed residence office project consisting of residences, home offices, and commercial areas. Our project, which consists of 77 units that can be combined as 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1, also offers terraced, balcony or personal pool options according to preference. Our project, consisting of 9 floor-to-ceiling glass duplex home offices and 21 commercial units, is a 14-story structure from the surface. In addition, our building has a 176-square-meter social area and a common pool on the 250-square-meter terrace. Our total construction area will be 24,991 square meters."

Polat Levent Exclusive, which will be built on an area of 2,392 square meters in Levent, overlooking the vast panorama of Istanbul, bears the modern, functional, and stylish architectural design of Gökhan Avcıoğlu - GAD Architecture.

Surrounding each floor with glass facades, sky gardens on each floor, and options such as infinity pool design, Polat Levent Exclusive creates unique worlds with dazzling light design in its high-ceilinged apartments that bring simplicity, modernity, technology, and comfort together. The rooftop social facility promising both entertainment and peace, and concepts such as the terrace pool, will create a living space where pleasure and tranquility are right next to you. Taking inspiration from blue and green, Polat Levent Exclusive will also appeal to the sense of taste by offering a 5-star gastronomy experience with menus bearing the signatures of master chefs.

City Center, Center of Life

Polat Levent Exclusive residence office, which turns the city center into the center of life with calmness and practicality rather than crowds and hustle, stands out with its proximity to important transportation points in Istanbul. The project, located very close to the 1st and 2nd bridges, the metro, Kanyon, Akmerkez, Zorlu, and other shopping malls, rewrites the formula for making life easier with an exclusive equation. Whether for housing, home office, or investment purposes, Polat Levent Exclusive invites you to a life symbolizing luxury and exclusivity.



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Published Date: 30 November 2023